The 7 AH battery fits comfortably in the bottom. Make sure the battery tabs are insulated from the side of the box.


Wire the unit according to the instructions on the charge controller you purchase. (My controller is an older unit I had in my parts bin)

I used SAE battery connectors as they carry the ampacity and easily connect. Mark your connectors with tape.

All that’s left is to find a power plug that fits in the Energizer charger. Make sure the polarity is correct.

Pull the unit out every couple of months to top it off.

Materials List

30 Watt Solar Panel   http://www.aimscorp.net

400 Watt inverter  www.aimscorp.net

.50 Cal. Ammo box,  tool box or any useable container

Energizer CHFC2 Charger (Amazon)

3  amp solar charge controller Instapark SS1203 (ebay)*

7AH sealed AGM battery  (ebay)

SAE Connectors   (ebay)

cigarette socket (ebay)

* requires some surfing for best deal

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