The Prep Money Can’t buy

It’s Ironic that for several years now, individuals and families that have felt the need to prepare with extra food and other necessities have been maligned by the MSM as fringe, radicals, doomers, extremists, and numerous other pejoratives.



If you get kicked by a mule once, it’s a teachable moment, twice, you lack common sense.


Yet, when the elite from silicone valley, Hollywood and Wall Street feel the need for prepping and buy missile silos, apocalypse-proof bunkers, and farms in New Zealand; they are hailed as enlightened progressives and other smarmy accolades.

There is one absolutely essential intangible, however; that all of the money in the world can’t purchase WTSHTF and that is quite simply common sense.

Common sense is defined as good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

Mark Twain said “Common sense is very uncommon,” and that was over a century ago.

For many “preppers”, it simply makes sense and is a lifestyle that affords you peace of mind that the “herd” doesn’t have. Preparing for natural and man-made disasters, Acts of God, and the like requires a lot of forethought and common sense planning. In my seminars, I have found that the absolute VAST majority of preppers are very hands-on, capable, common sense people.

Now let’s get one thing straight, this is not a blanket indictment of these elitists. I am sure there are some that are quite grounded, but they are few and far between. In my business dealings, I have worked with millionaires and billionaires, and while most of them are nice guys, they haven’t a clue. And being clueless WTSHTF will not be an asset.

Over a decade in law enforcement taught me that in general, people lack common sense. It has been gradually bred out of us by a government that has policies to handle everything from cradle to grave, requiring only a compliant society.

A fantastic example of a total lack of common sense was when a propane truck driver on main street drove off with the hose attached, pulling the valve off the huge bulk tank. The ensuing high-pressure stream of volatile raw propane, several hundred gallons a minute, shot well over 150 feet across the main highway. When I arrived on scene to block the highway, there were people, some with kids, driving through the cloud, completely enveloping their cars. Thank God, the stream didn’t ignite, but it was incomprehensible that anyone could have such a dearth of common sense.

Can everyone learn common sense? Probably not, but if one has even a modicum, and wants to sharpen their skills, it needs to be practiced and used regularly. Common sense can help in almost every area of your life, from what not to say to your spouse when you are angry to what to spend your last buck on (No not a lottery ticket).

If you get kicked by a mule once, it’s a teachable moment, twice, you lack common sense.

If you look on YouTube, you can find thousands of examples of people lacking common sense, one being a guy intentionally jumping into a cactus.

Perhaps the easiest way to start working on common sense is to think before you act.

Run scenarios in your mind; if this happened, what would I do? What action or reaction on my part would have the best outcome? Sometimes common sense could be as simple as deciding not to drive through a flooded roadway,

One of the best assets a prepper, or for that matter, anyone could possess is a well-developed trait of common sense, it just makes sense, doesn’t it.

Thanks for your time.

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2 Responses to The Prep Money Can’t buy

  1. vocalpatriot says:

    Yep, This is true.
    Common sense is nothing more than good ol’ experience.
    The kind college can’t give no matter how they much get paid.
    This explains why college dolts are so darned stupid.

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