Misinformation and Prepping




When I was a young cop, I watched a pilot at our local air show fly his plane right into the ground. I realized instantly what had happened and turned to see the entire emergency crew, many of them veterans, just standing there, frozen in disbelief. I yelled at them, “Get over there, he’s crashed” and then immediately forgot where I had parked my patrol car.

Some things are hard to believe, even if we see them with our own two eyes. Sometimes it takes awhile to process what we are witnessing, and reconcile how it relates to us and what our reaction should be. There are also those individuals that lapse into a state of shock, or simply fail to realize the exigency of a situation and perish because of it.

I learned a great axiom as a rookie from a seasoned vet: “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.

If you were to believe the mainstream media, things are really looking up. Housing is booming, the Dow is setting records, there are good jobs to be found, and the recovery is in full swing. However, if you really take time and do your own research you will see a completely different story.

Things are usually the exact opposite of what the politicians tell you in order to maintain the impression of control.

One recent outrageous example that perfectly proves my point was the president’s recent statement “The World Is ‘More Stable’ And ‘Less Violent’ Than Ever”. Like many, I was in disbelief (remember, none of what you hear).

However, there are a staggering number of people that think because it is seen on the major news outlet, and delivered with authority, sincerity and corresponding statistics it must be so. However, a recent poll shows that over 93.2% of government statistics are manipulated for political gain. (I just made that up).

The truth is the world is more violent and less stable than ever before.

For generations, the world’s main concern was nuclear proliferation between the superpowers. Now, it seems like everyone’s got a nuke, or is rushing to get one. Race relations have degraded to what appears beyond repair, inflamed by career race baiters and the MSM. Banksters rake in obscene profits while destroying the middle class. Washington is a sinking ship without a rudder or captain. Health threats like Ebola and new diseases carried by illegal immigrants pouring over our porous border and a feckless congress add to the toxic mix. The cancer of political correctness and a government that calls an overt act of terror “workplace violence”, police militarization and economic coolapse  simply add to the perfect storm for a disaster of biblical proportions. Beheadings and new threats from Islamic terrorists while the government spies on good Americans makes me reluctant to even mention disasters like Fukushima, the ongoing catastrophic drought, earthquakes and volcanic activity worldwide.

The bottom line is this. If you cannot see the need for an immediate and intense preparedness program for your family, you are simply failing to understand the gravity and volatility of the current state of affairs, or as what Professor Harold Hill said in the Music Man about a new pool table in the community; “You are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge”.

You need to be able to weed out for yourself what the closest thing to the truth is and prepare accordingly. It requires a bit of due diligence on your part, reading alternative news sources and blogs, determining how today’s news could affect you and what you can do to mitigate the threat.

Instead of standing in shock or disbelief of this slow motion plane crash, react, do something. Now isn’t the time for weak knees, but a time for resolve. If the plane is going down in flames, a prepper has the foresight to bring a chute. Even a modicum of preparedness now could give you an edge when TSHTF.

Do your homework now, not tomorrow, and find out what you feel is the best preparedness program for you. There is both good and marginal information out there. Listen to those with knowledge, but act now and make the tough choices necessary to mitigate realistic threats. If you find yourself in a situation of having to react, it will probably be too late. A proactive preparedness program is the best insurance for what lies ahead. Godspeed.


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36 Responses to Misinformation and Prepping

  1. John says:

    Bravo! Well said.

  2. plowboy says:

    Sadly virtually no one is listening now and I for one don’t think they will ever listen. I flew cropdusters for more years than I care to remember and like the aerobatic accident you saw I also lost serveral good friends that died needlessly. They let themselves be pushed into a corner allowing the plane to be overloaded, working off of two short of airstrips, or flying after dark, running out of gas, etc. The reason, just as you stated, someone told them it was all going to be ok. Instead they died, much too young. It will be the same way, except in mass, when people by the hundreds of millions die needlessly because they swallowed hook line and sinker the big lie of everything is fine. It really is as if the entirety of this nation is hopelessly cacooned in perpetual slumber unable to see the approaching catastrophe. Never in history has a people like Americans so wantonly filled their calendar with such needless expensive time consuming braindead events while neglecting the weightier matters. Never has so wide a swath of population been controlled by the one idiot in each family. Every family has at least one, including mine, and they are the ones saying, “the president is right…we are ok.” Frankly, we will never be any smarter than the dumbest person we listen too. And the dumb people in my family can and will do their dying act without my accompanyment. Better to live alone than die in the crowd. The most worthless things any of us will ever own are the prepper supplies we didn’t buy, the money we left in the bank, the training we didn’t do, and the skills we didn’t acquire. Give it some thot!

    • Great points all, particularly the last sentence

    • Patrick Henry 2014 says:

      All I would add is it’s not just the “the president is right….” It also is “we have to elect republicans to the house senate et al….because we have to get them out” I ask in exchange for what, a different set to controls, or in recent history with o-care, boner and pelosi joining to fund the damn thing!?! So those in my family are idiots because they thing it is all Obama, Reid, and the other communists in hashing ton and the state house….wake up! The corporate fascists on the other side of the aisle are just as bad. Two wings of the same bird of prey, guess who the prey is? ITS YOU, ME, OUR CHILDREN, ETC ! It is time to wake up and realize the world of right/left, republican/demo rate, liberal/ conservative, etc DOESN’T EXIST!

      • marie white says:


      • plowboy says:

        You’re are oh so right, Patrick Henry. And then my family gets mad at me for not voting. Vote for what! Same song, different tune, that always leads to more taxes, less security, fewer freedoms, and in the end just anothe mindless election two, four, or six years later. What an absolute mes.

    • G says:

      ” Better to live alone then to die in a crowd.” Thank you for that…….. at this time, I needed that.

  3. jp says:

    Excellent article…..and Plowboy, you couldn’t have summed it up better!!!

  4. first last says:

    ok there is no God I will be my own god and buy food water seeds guns , prepping equals no faith ,

    • first last says:

      then they will claim the parable of the 10 virgins 5 has oil supplies 5 had no oil to see? ok, drill down to die is gain 4 true believers the unsaved fear death. what is oil used for? fuel for the oil lamp for sight, what time is this in the tribulation period, man will need the holy spirit oil to see in this time of judgment and wrath, God;s kids are not appointed for his wrath the un saved are satan’s kids, Jesus created the universe seen and un seen fed the jews in the wilderness for 40 years but cant feed protect and love his in the end of the age? prepping is a slap in God’s face it states I will be God the same line satan sold eve in the garden. take no care for what you eat or drink Jesus knows you have need , put your faith in God cavemen .

      • Joe Davila says:

        I often have heard that preppers lack faith but I fall back on the Joseph foresight which saved Egypt from starvation by having stored food for 7 yrs. I have seen how throughout the world when a natural disaster hits a town ALL supplies are immediately gone from the supermarket shelves within minutes. So if one does not have supplies what will happen to one’s family? Lastly why is the government stocking up on all items…because they are preparing for Martial Law which will commence upon any one of countless of situations occurring such as the ebola pandemic, dollar dropping in value, EBT/FOOD stamp system not working for over a day, EMP attack, etc. All perishables can be used amongst a family or neighbors in case of Y2k not occurring.

      • jazzy says:

        first last, we are told to not WORRY or FRET over food, clothing, etc–look up the meaning of the words in a concordance. we are never told to sit on our hands and expect God to come to our rescue because we refuse to do anything for ourselves. God provides the food for the birds of the air but He doesnt put the worm in its mouth.

        it is not an insult to God or lack of faith to prepare for hard times, it is in fact wisdom, being a wise servant, taking care of your family and being able to help others..

        proverbs 22:3–A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

        write that one down and tape it to your mirror so you can see it every morning.

        THIS is what scriptures tell us. if you see danger ahead, hard times, trouble and do Nothing to protect your family you are putting them and yourself in harms way. there are warning signs all around us and every day there are more. very hard times are coming. to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.

        so apparently you expect God to drop groceries on your doorstep every week because you refuse to stock up on some things while there is still time. and perhaps you expect Him to send you heat in the winter so you dont freeze because t is too much trouble to do it for yourself? deliver you water to drink, wash with and flush? these are all things you could take care of yourself, but you have decided, no, God will handle it somehow. your not going to bother, you are going to wait on God to save your bacon when things fall apart. so you treat the God of the Universe like some bellhop or valet? He is supposed to meet your needs when you refuse to? amazing. what you are doing is in fact demanding God perform miracles on your behalf because you refused to do anything to help yourself when you still had time.

        do you have health insurance in case you get sick? do you have car insurance, home insurance in case something happens? do you plan for retirement or have a savings account? if the weatherman says a hurricane is coming your way do you take any precautions? do you carry a spare tire in your car? by your philosophy you lack faith if you have or do any of those things. but you refuse to stock up on foods and other necessities for a coming economic crash that everyone Knows is coming to be able to protect your family because it somehow shows lack of faith……..

        i pray God wakes you up before its too late.

        A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

      • wayne says:

        First…so I guess if you see a child sitting in the middle of a busy interstate you should just walk on…after all you wouldn’t want to have to ‘tempt’ your faith, huh ? I assume you work a job of some type….for income ??? No faith, huh? Do you ever go to a doctor for some affliction that come upon you? Per your theory you’re insulting God then when you consume the medication he prescribes, after all if we believe like you then justify the inner desire to get well if you’re sick. To be obedient according to you we should embrace that sickness, better not put any ‘faith’ in them thar’ man made drugs !

        Please stop and consider, God equipped us with a brain- and the freedom and ability to USE that brain. You’re on this site so you obviously believe that SOMETHING bad is looming before us..then use your brain to prepare for what you can do and apply the faith properly to cover yourself where you either missed it or unable to prepare for it. Same principle as praying over your meals before you eat, it is a variable of faith in the exercise itself or else you wouldn’t pray but the act of praying is applying that God given faith to cover you and the family should for some reason there might be unseen or unknown reasons the food could hurt you. Why did the Israelites pick up a double portion of manna in the desert before the Sabbath knowing that any other day it would spoil before the next day….because they had to PREPARE for the Sabbath as it was wrong to harvest on the Sabbath. THEY HAD TO PREPARE for the Sabbath per the Lord’s command….PREPARE !!! I can do this all night but hoping you will understand; there WILL be many opportunities you will have to apply your faith in the coming days and years and I know you have to agree with me. You will not have the luxury in the future when the end is near of being unprepared and hollar at the Lord ” but I put my trust in You and I’m starving!!”

    • Nonsense, the bible is full of stories, Joseph is the classic. If you have any food in your cupboards then you must lack faith. I have a responsibility to my family and I will not shirk it,

      The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.
      Proverbs 21:20

      Those who work their land will have abundant food but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.

      Proverbs 28:19

      Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
      1Timothy 5:8

      • Sue Gordon says:

        not to mention, we are supposed to take care of orphans and widows. How do we take care of them if we can’t even take of ourselves? I have not only prepared for hard times for myself and family, I also prepare to help care for widows and orphans.

    • That’s the same garbage my pastor tried pushing. It’s a lie and dangerous to the community of believers. Will God provide? He most certainly does, and he is providing my family with abundance in this season so I can store up food, and supplies for the famine, winter season, calamity, war, etc that will soon be upon us. And if you happen to be in need, I’ll even have some extra for those brothers and sisters that believed their pastors lies.

      In fact, just packed in Mylar and buckets today, another 25# of rice, 20# of pasta and 15# of beans.

    • Pops says:

      You are foolish and ignorant in this statement and you do NOT know the WORD of God.

  5. Plan your food supplies now. Grow and buy seeds that will keep you alive. Buy silver coins or gold, so that you can buy what is necessary. Most importantly find locations where, as a group, you can meet to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For in time, your churches will be burned to the ground.


  6. Dan J. Brumfield says:

    We need more soothsayers like plowboy to wake the slumbering sleepwalking masses before it is too late, if isn’t already. Thank GOD for the internet at lease while it is not doomed to fall victim to PTB.

    I guess though, that like the Lord said, that these things must come to pass . I am hoping and praying that I will be one to be counted to be taken in the “Rapture”, Amen!

  7. plowboy says:

    Thanks to all of you that gave a thumbs up response to my reply. That is sincerely appreciated. But to First Last, how can prepping be any different than holding down a job, mowing the lawn, or even getting the mail out of the mailbox. Christ Jesus requires us to prepare for any situation, good or bad. Would the grocer let you out through the checkout line if you didn’t have money to pay. You had a job to get the money didn’t you? That’s prepping. Do we walk around dirty or do we bathe? That’s prepping. Heck, we have sex to have kids, that’s prepping. Please, just back off and look at this the way it is intended and you’ll see prepping, just like the prepping Joseph did for seven years after God gave Pharoh the vision that there would be seven good years followed by seven bad years, is not only God required, but actually a God given talent. If Joseph had ignored God’s instructions to prep through the seven good years then neither you nor I would be here today. Please, just give this entire situation a little more biblical thot. After all, God Himself is the ultimate prepper. That’s why he made a heaven and a hell. One or the other place has been prepped for all of us. Thx and either way as a beliver in Christ you are my brother!

    • He won’t because he has believed the lie his pastor has told him. “That you lack faith if you prep.” Ours actually said i” you don’t need to store food, or supplies or defense weapons because The Lord will provide.” He may very will choose to provide in that means, but I can not confirm what he said with what the Word says, so I go with what the Holy Spirit has laid on my spirit. You see if you prep, that is surplus funds that could be used for the pastors church or a ministry and it is a threat to his control over the masses. Now you should support the church and ministries but not at the expense of your families security.

      Enough said, I am sure I am going to get slammed for my statements.

      • plowboy says:

        Patrick Henry, you opened an insight that never, never crossed my mind. Really, I had never thought of prepping as being a threat to the pastor’s control, but you are 110% correct. That is the same reason the government doesn’t want us to prep…they lose control over us…I just never conceived of it being a local mentality among the clergy..but indeed it is. thanks

  8. jes says:

    I completely agree with u & appreciate your article. U can still walk by faith AND be prepared for emergency situations. Yes. The Holy Spirit will guide us where to be or not to be. He will direct our steps. But, we must also be diligent and maintain balance in our spiritual & temporal lives. I don’t want to miss out on the Glory of GOD in these last days because I was in the spazztic masses trying to get a can of beans at the local grocery store just to have the next meal! That’s a waste of our time & our Heavenly Father’s time.

  9. Child of Judah says:

    Plowboy, other posters here, everyone adovcating “be prepared” are awake and will probably still be alive to see Jesus return if Jesus is at the top of their prep list. A widow, I’ve been preparing 10 yrs, can wake NO ONE and am at the place where it appears I will endure these coming years alone unless God has other plans. I’m at the place where I no longer even bother to prepare further because why would I if I know my children, grands, friends, family are suffering. I’ve put everything into God’s hands, trusting Him that I’m ready to stand before Him and hoping He will answer my prayers to protect those I’ve prayed for many years. The wait for the tribulation to begin has a been a slow death of its own, I’m weary, rarely afraid any longer even as I truly Believe America will soon collapse via societal and dollar collapse, pestilence already here, and foreign invasion inside this next 24 months. As a last desperate attempt to awaken many I’m thinking of giving them Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger, even more importantly Cahn’s Shemita both which tell of the imminent and soon collapse of America, all supported brilliantly by the revelation God gave Cahn via God’s own Biblical Word hidden until these last days. America is AT THE DOOR OF DESTRUCTION.

  10. madashell says:

    I pray that my children and I are worthy to be spared what is coming. If we are counted worthy and we are raptured out of this world, then the prepping I did is for the rest of our family that were foolish and didn’t prepare and didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. It is my last gift to them along with several bibles that they will find in the preps.

    • plowboy says:

      Madashell, I beg of you to study the truth of the bible and get away from church doctrine. The rapture will happen at the end of the tribulation, not at the beginning. This is just biblical fact. Please, for your sake, the sake of your children, and all that you love teach yourself and them to prepare for the long haul. Any preacher that teaches you that you will not be here for the trib is doing you a woeful disservice. Please, Please, Please, stop believeing you will be excused from class to go home early, please.

      • Jason says:

        Greetings Plowboy, let me say firstly, that I enjoyed your article. I am not opposed to prepping- to the contrary, I have, and do endorse it as it was commanded in the scriptures which you noted. And with that said, let me caution you, and give you some things to consider honestly and I pray, with humility.

        There have been many since the early church that have argued between: Pre-mid-and post tribulation rapture, but these are not ultimately deal breakers with regards to our salvation are they? Nor should these issues divide us as “Believers”, but this issue in particular is prevalent now- and is tearing the body apart. God is unchanging, and there IS a biblical precedent of individuals being- “Translated” or raptured, Enoch being an example among others.

        Now let me state this a different way. What if, just what if it is by one’s DISBELIEF, or lack of faith, that one is- forced to endure the tribulation. What if you are in effect saying- The blood of Christ is not sufficient in the remission of our sins??

        What would be the purpose of the tribulation if one is already a “True believer”, and is truly “Born again”?

        That is not to say that we may not falter, and and fall into sin again. But we are given recourse, in that if we are truly repentant in our hearts, we turn from our sin, and ask for forgiveness, then we will be redeemed.

        What about the parable of the ten virgins? Has the bridegroom appointed us for wrath then? Would you contend that Christ would stand patiently at the gates, while most precious bride gets decimated here on earth? Our God Most High’s will be done, but I cannot fathom this outcome. These will be- THE WORST JUDGEMENTS THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN remember. The survivors will be in THE MINORITY, and the remainder will be mercilessly hunted down by the AC, or starve to death for not accepting the mark.

        We (The church) are NOT part of the 144,000 so where is our protection? Unless, perhaps, we ARE overcoming and WATCHING FOR THE SIGNS for the HARPAZO! There you go, now the apostate, and heathen can be wiped out here without issue. We will not be surprised by the thief in the night, because we were overcoming!

        What is the point of the “Harpazo” (Greek) or “Catching away”, if we are to be here for the millenial reign?

        Because, I submit to you, we are not supposed to be here.. The 144,000 will have to endure the tribulation, but they will be sealed and redeemed- because of their coming to the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord.

        The precious few who survive, keep the faith, and endure to the end of the tribulation- will not be looking for: “A thief in the night”.. They will be EXPECTING a savior…

        Yours in Christ,


      • Patrick Henry 2014 says:

        I agree to a point. With multiple interpretations of the scripture regarding pre, post, mid tribulation rapture, it is prudent to not follow either and prepare for the worst case scenario. If The Lord fulfills scripture according to the pre-trib interpretation then Glory to God, and the note left with our preparations may led someone to Christ during the tribulation, if not then I may be able to be a blessing to another believer or non-believer at the Lords leading.

  11. Don Inodessa says:

    The Book says: “A man is worse than an infidel that does not provide for his own.” It doesn’t say: But only if times are good. Seems to me the prudent and wise prepare the best they can for what ever may come, not just for what ever is hoped for.

  12. j says:

    I agree – but only the strong will survive. Blessings to all.

  13. Sue Gordon says:

    I just found this website and I love it! Thanks to all of you for your comments.

  14. plowboy says:

    Whew, if anyone would like to discuss things more then let’s do so at almostadog77@gmail.com. please. For whoever owns prepper website please allow this to be posted. We all read your articles but sometimes we need to talk via email. Thanks to all and God bless!

  15. jobob says:

    joseph interpreted the dream as 7 years of plenty and seven years of famine. but god never instructed him to store up food in the 7 plenty years. it didnt take intelligence recognize what he needed to do. it was very obvious.

  16. jazzy says:

    i have thought about what jason posted and really pondered it, about what if perhaps those who are here after a supposed pretrib it is because of unbelief in pretrib. the thing is, such a thing is never mentioned by the Lord, that the ‘catching away of the saints’ is conditional on our belief in its timing i have heard this fro other pretribbers tho–if you dont believe in a pretrib you dont get to go…… but i have never found that supported by scripture.

    you asked about why would believers be here for the tribulation, well..since the tribulation is not the wrath of God but the wrath of satan, all i can say is what is happening around the world right now> christians in iraw, syria, and other places are being chased out of their homes and towns, flogged, imprisoned, crucified, being beheaded, raped, children cut in half, starved, beaten……where is their pretrib? they are going thru all the things we are warned about happening in the trib but they are going thru it right now..

    why do we assume it will never happen to US because Jesus will come and snatch us away before it gets bad. its already bad right now for our brothers and sisters.. are you going to go tell them to hang on because the rapture is coming any minute?

    i think one of the problems is luke 21:36:
    Watch therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

    the world ESCAPE is assumed to mean rapture or to be snatched away. however, the Actual word means something very different. it means TO FLEE, TO ESCAPE TO FLEE OUT OF THE WAY. – ekpheugó

    not taken out of the way or taken away or rescued, it means we flee, we escape, it is something WE DO, not something DONE TO US. it is not a rapture , rescued, taken out of the way word or phrase.

    why does the Lord allow believers to endure the tribulation? well,why is He allowing it right now? why is He allowing the christians in syria, iraq, china, north korea, saudia arabia to suffer and endure tribulation now? if Jesus is not going to allow His ‘bride’ to suffer and snatch us away, then why are these people suffering tribulation? arent they His ‘bride’ also? or are they less loved than american christians who hold to a pretrib position?

    our goal is not to have a good life and be a good person and share the gospel waiting to be raptured, it is to be living witnesses, not loving our life unto death, not being afraid of persecution–we are His witnesses that He is the Truth in a dying, evil loving world that hates Him and hates us. alot of us wont survive and that is supposed to be ok. this life is NOT real, it is not OUR life, it is a pale shadow. our Real Life is with Christ on the other side. so why are believers here during the trib? because he choose us to live at this time, we were Born of This, to be His Witnesses even unto death.

    if we are ‘snatched away’ early, before the trib what the heck are we overcoming?, in rev 3:21 Jesus says —
    ‘He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

    overcomes: 3528 nikáō(from 3529 /níkē, “victory”) – properly, conquer (overcome); ” ‘to carry off the victory, come off victorious.’ The verb implies a battle” .

    Paul says we are here at least until the antichrist reveals himself standing in the temple and proclaiming himself God. Daniel says that happens midway thru the last week of 7 years–when the antichrist breaks the treaty, turns against israel, attacks them and enters their temple and profanes it–the abomination of desolation. so it is plain we are here until that point and enduring the tribulation times. the ‘great tribulation’ time period is the last 3.5 years. Jesus warns His people in Israel that when they see that abomination of desolation to RUN, DONT STOP, FLEE because things are going to get very, very bad from that point on.,

    matt 24:16 : then those who are in Judea must FLEE to the mountains.

    and the word Jesus uses, FLEE is the same word used above for ESCAPE. meaning RUN, FLEE, ESCAPE, GET OUT OF THERE–it does Not mean rescue or snatched away or delivered.
    i know alot of folks think the understanding of the timing is not real important, but i believe it is. if we do not accept we are here duing the time then we will not be prepared mentally, spiritually or physically. if we go on thinking we will be snatched away before any of the bad things come our way, we will not be prepared and the suffering will be worse for us.

    in matt 24 Jesus says he comes to gather his saints AFTER the sun goes dark, the moon turns to blood and the stars fall from heaven. AFTER all the tribulations. if you go to rev 6 you see that happens AFTER the opening of the 6th seal. there is no hint of him getting us any earlier than that.

    if you do a study on the ‘gathering of the saints’ you will get a better sense o timing. yeah, i know we are told No One Knows The Day or The Hour, BUT Paul clearly tell us that THAT DAY (return of the Lord) will not come upon us as a thief in the night because we are not in darkness and we will be watching the signs.

    the ‘gathering of the saint’ is when Christ returns for His people before the wrath of God falls on the earth—do a study on the gathering of the saints and you will have a clearer picture.

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