A Boomers Lament

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of being a baby boomer in this (it grieves me to even write it) formerly great country, was growing up in a country that wasn’t just exceptional, it was spectacular. We would go to school, and the common thread that united all of the varied ethnicities was the English language, and our ability to communicate. The sense of “community” and “unity”. The “American Dream” was tangible. Almost everyone in the classroom and on the block knew each other.

Violence in school was virtually unheard of, but tussles were common. We were taught things like manners – to open the door for the girls and let them enter first. If a student used bad language, it was off to the principals’ office for a reprimand, like Ralphies friend Schwartz who was falsely accused in “A Christmas Story”. Most kids owned a BB Gun at some point, and dad would take us to the country and teach us to shoot with his shoulder breaking 30-06 that he purchased as war surplus. MORE HERE

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