A Simple, Effective, Cheap, 12 Volt Backup Pumphouse Heater

Snapshot 1 (12-30-2013 11-32 PM)

Be prepared is just plain good advise. In the 20 winters on a well here in the Rockies, we have had our share of frozen pipes, and have eventually worked all of the kinks out. The one problem that plagued me though was keeping the pump house pipes from freezing during a power outage. In addition to thorough insulation and 120VAC heating elements, I needed a non flammable backup heat source on a thermostat to keep the pipes from freezing until the power came back on or we could drain the pipes. The pumphouse has a large diesel battery in it so I needed a 12VDC heating element, and one of the simplest is a light bulb. I show the build on a 4 minute video HERE

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