My Free Gas to Propane Generator Conversion

Snapshot 1 (11-30-2013 7-16 PM)

When I went out to do a quarterly run up on my genset, I was a little concerned when it blew thick blue smoke out the exhaust and literally obscured the entire area. After figuring out the gas had been left on, and the float leaked raw fuel into the carb and down into the crankcase, I changed the oil, and decided to see if it was a good time to attempt to convert it to propane. The benefits of propane are manifold. It has no shelf life, burns clean and doubles or triples the life of the engine, and doesn’t need to be poured  and on and on.

I had been saving scrounged parts for years and pulled them altogether for this project and was really pleased with how well it went together. The end result was far better than I had imagined, and all bout 2 1/2 hours. I want to add this caveat: I am only showing you how I did mine. If you google gas to LPG conversion kit, you can buy an easy to install kit online.

NEVER run a genset indoors, this one is in a tiny metal shed designed to keep the elements off of it. Always follow the safety instructions for your generator.

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8 Responses to My Free Gas to Propane Generator Conversion

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  2. Marc says:

    One thing I would worry about is if the engine stalls. If this is left unattended then you’d be pouring propane into whatever space the generator is sitting in.

  3. Geoff says:

    I’m a little concerned in that it looks like you’re running that inside a structure. That is a CO hazard as well as a fire hazard. Generators should ONLY be run outside. We were acquainted with some folks who died by making that mistake.

    In addition, how do you know if your conversion runs rich or lean? What sort of design study have you done to verify that you’re not running too lean (producing high exhaust gas temperatures and shortening engine life) or too rich (wasting fuel)? Although I’m all for homebrewing equipment wherever feasible, unless you’re measuring EGTs and perhaps using an O2 sensor on the exhaust, you don’t know where your homebrew orifice’s mixture is at…

    • All salient points, however, the structure is a tiny uninhabitable well ventilated metal shed to keep the elements off the genset. The exhaust is hard plumbed outside and up the side of the building to allow it to run in 36″ of snow. As far as temp, I am planning on doing some testing with my pyrometer. As I pointed out, this is only to show people how I did it, and if they want to do it, they can look for a conversion kit. Other than that, I totally agree with the safety issues. People that use generators should follow all the instructions.

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  5. gomowpropane says:

    At first I was a bit doubtful if converting gas to propane would really fit my expectations but I’ve come to realized that yes, it is the answer for my longing prayers. It’s very affordable, convenient and is truly a lifesaver. I don’t need to spend too much on gasoline and I enjoy the perks of saving my precious time and energy. Just to share, a purchased the kit on the site called gomowpropane.

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