An Affordable DIY Solar Battery Charger/Mini Generator (under $200.00)

panelAfter reading a preparedness blogger talk about the need to stock up with tons of batteries, It got me thinking about how most preppers are in the same boat, and the answer was really  simple, get rechargeable batteries, and have an off grid charger. WTSHTF, everyone will need batteries for lanterns, flashlights, electronics and on and on. I had an AIMS 30 Watt panel from another project, as well as a 3 amp charge controller, 50 cal. ammo box, and a good 7AH battery.  I had a new NIMH charger from Energizer and when I looked at the power supply on the charger, was pleasantly surprised that it was 12VDC.  To see a short video on the finished product, go HERE. After installing the battery in the .50 cal ammo can, I did the wiring. (simply follow the directions on the controller) MORE

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