A Fantastic Motion Activated Wireless LED Security Light (Plus a 33% code)


Most serious preppers can see the value in certain items that many people can’t. Take the mrbeams wireless motion sensing LED floodlights. After spending a Saturday evening and $35.00 making a battery operated motion sensing security light as a prototype for several I needed around here, I was surfing for some parts and stumbled upon the ultimate prepper OPSEC light. The mrbeams uses “D” batteries, lasting up to a year, and only stays on for 20 seconds unless it detects motion which will cause another 20 second cycle. Imagine being able to put motion sensitive lighting on your house and property, that allows you to see whether it is friend or foe that is setting it off. Bad guys hate light, and will usually scatter like cockroaches when they are exposed to it. Please take a few minutes and see why I am so excited about this product. It is one of the best OPSEC items to come along. Plus, they are giving preppers a whopping 33% discount off already reasonable prices. To watch the video go HERE, or go to mrbeams.com and use the code GODFATHERPREP for some really  fantastic prices on some amazing motion activated security lights. Please put the word out as well, the code is for ALL preppers.



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