An Incredible Solar Light Bulb for Preppers!

N200-2TEvery once in awhile, a product comes along that appears to be build for preppers, by preppers. The NoKero solar light bulb is just that product. Designed to be used in third world countries to replace candles, kerosene and other energy intensive methods of lighting with an inexpensive, renewable solar light bulb, the NoKero is PERFECT for preppers! I puts out a goodly amount of light, is rainproof and runs 6 plus hours on a charge, all positives when the power goes out. A few of these in a room provides enough light to carry on as usual. Check out the video (HERE) and if you go to the NoKero website (HERE)  and order using the code “prepper2013” you get a 5% discount and help out this site as well!

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One Response to An Incredible Solar Light Bulb for Preppers!

  1. cheryl says:

    I bought the variety pak of nokero products. I tried to use the reading light and one of the hanging lights. neither lasted more than a few minutes. they were quite expensive, and pretty much worthless. they had been charging for a few weeks in a window.

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