Make your own Dirt Cheap, Bulletproof Garden Water Wand

Snapshot 1 (7-21-2013 12-22 AM)

If you have a garden, then you need this project. I looked at garden wands today and the cheap Chinese one sell for $10 -25.00 and one accidental pass over them with a garden tractor would render them useless.

Our garden wand had four basic parts and can be built in about 15 minutes if you have everything rounded up. Mine cost about $3.00 and is an addition to one I made just like it about three years ago. Now that the garden is larger, I need several. Take a few minutes and watch the short video (HERE) and you will see how easy it is to build a custom watering wand or a whole herd of them for the price of a cappuccino Americano mocha macchiato half caf whatever.

If you have a great idea, get in touch with me so we can share it. With the cost of everything going up, we can all stand to save some money and have fun at the same time.

God Bless,


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