Getting Great Garden Gadgets – Gratis.

We have all experienced the agony of breaking a shovel handle. In fact, I used to have more than a few garden tools floating around with electrical tape holding the handle together. But no longer.

There is a way to permanently repair shovels and other tools, using readily available materials (in my case all scrounged) that will give them back their life in the garden.

If you frequent yard sales or flea markets, you will find a veritable plethora of dirt cheap broken handle tools for a pittance and in some cases, gratis.

The following short but exciting video shows in detail how to replace broken wooden shovel handles with metal ones for a permanent fix. See the video HERE

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2 Responses to Getting Great Garden Gadgets – Gratis.

  1. online says:

    Olá a todos. Eu só estava a navegar na Internet por diversão e veio em cima de seu site.
    Pós fantástico. Muito obrigado por compartilhar sua experiência!
    É bom saber que algumas pessoas ainda colocar isso em um
    esforço para gerenciar seus sites. Eu vou ter a certeza de
    verificar novamente a partir totime tempo.

  2. james says:

    good read, thank you.

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