Two Fantastic Emergency, Prepping and Camping Lights

Snapshot 1 (4-26-2013 12-02 AM)

One of the things that is at the top of the list for all emergency and survival situations is light. It is absolutely essential for security, chores, morale, and to keep from stubbing your toes on furniture.

While there are literally thousands of various lights available, every once in awhile a light jumps out and screams “put me in your arsenal”  Ryobi has several lights but two in particular  stand out  as a perfect fit for emergency and day to day use.

These are two different lights, one a high intensity spot/floodlight and the other a very basic LED lantern.  What makes these very attractive, is they run off standard 18 volt rechargeable batteries that run drills, saws and dozens of other tools. But even better, a 12 volt DC car charger is available to recharge the batteries, so you can run them from a solar setup or any vehicle. To see the lights in action, watch this short video HERE

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One Response to Two Fantastic Emergency, Prepping and Camping Lights

  1. Chucky says:

    Mighty handy if someone invades your home, just blind em with the light. You know Deer caught in the spotlight just before the firearm discharges…just saying….Thanks for the neat update on an affordable spotlight !

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