An Easy to Build, Bulletproof, Dirt Cheap Potting Bench


It is time to get out and start building things that will make reaching some modicom of self sufficiency as efficient as possible. If you have a garden, or are going to attempt one, you need this potting bench. (See short video description here) The design is simple, uses cutoffs and inexpensive wood, and is very servicable. I’m in the third season and it still looks great. As far as plans go, here are some photos with measurements, but they  are certainly not cast in stone. Make it any size you want and add a stereo if you want. (I actually did this year) I will say this, it sure makes planting and transplanting a breeze. If you like our blog, please share it so I can start generating some ad revenue in order to continue to provide handy and useful DIY projects. For photo plans, go HERE.

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