A DIY Solar Shower

WTSHTF, bathing  and hygiene will be a very important, and with limited water or fuel to heat it, an efficient, miserly shower would be a big plus


Having put a little slab next to my pump house fifteen years ago for a solar shower, It was time to get started.(Better late than never) (MORE)

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3 Responses to A DIY Solar Shower

  1. Penny says:

    I live in the Pacific Northwest, and our area is known for its weather being grey and rainy 98% of the year, so passive solar applications rarely work like the textbook version. One alternative version for a heated off the grid shower I’ve spotted in the blogosphere runs water through a coiol of 100 or so feet of garden hose through a compost pile. The compost heap gives off heat as the material decomposes, and heats up the water passing through. A great option for an area, where you might not get enough direct sun exposure for heating up enough water.

  2. Tony says:

    In the mountains of Pa are mostly hunting camps,a lot with no electric,we made these with 55 gallon drum a window pane on top to help heat the water.When it rains remove the pain to fill.

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