Dirt Cheap, Home Made, 12 Volt, Super Bright, Highly Efficient LED Security Lights

WTSHTF nobody knows if there will be power or not. I suspect that due to civil unrest, a lot of employees will stay home to protect their families. I also suspect that transportation will be disrupted for a while as well, no trains, no coal to power plants and on and on.

People need to realize that the only things that like darkness are cockroaches and bad guys. Now while stadium lighting wouldn’t be prudent during a blackout, having the ability to see bad guys is. This video shows you how to make an inexpensive, high efficiency, LED security light for under 20 bucks.

These will run off a battery, and give out an amazing amount of light for the meager 6 Watts of juice they draw. This project was so successful I am planning a 10 light  security pole that is both radio controlled and motion sensitive. Even with ten 3 Watt bulbs, it will only sip a miniscule 30 Watts of power, not much more than a regular brakelight on a car.

(click on Photo)

Snapshot 1 (2-10-2013 8-58 PM)

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