Time to Start Thinking About a Garden

I know it’s a bit early, but when Spring arrives, there will; be a lot of stuff to do, so now is the time to start thinking about starting your garden.

Nothing beats eating a tomato right off the vine. However, prepping the garden is another story. After dumping over a ton of well seasoned goat, rabbit, llama and donkey poop into it and tilling it thoroughly four times, the task of making rows would normally be a horribly tedious one, and the wavy results from a hard days work used to look like I’d been drinking on the job. It only took one season years ago before I decided that the Recycle Ranch needed a dirt cheap, easy to build, easier to use row maker. After a full thirty minutes of  work, I came up with a device that not only works great, but lasts as well as this is it’s tenth year and it has another hundred left.



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One Response to Time to Start Thinking About a Garden

  1. As I ponder the arrival of ‘prepare to feed the deer’ season, it feels good to wrap my mind around warm to hot days in the sun working the earth in my back yard. My gardening space isn’t immense, but being prepared with a planned planting and means with which to accomplish it , ahead of time, gives me hope that winter will eventually end. The device to create straight even rows on a small scale such as mine seems like a huge blessing – one to be shared!

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