Recharging Alkaline Batteries

Batteries – you can never have enough of them. When, not if TSHTF, batteries will be worth their weight in gold, particularly to run lanterns and flashlights. Most people have a few on hand, but if things really go south, a battery could mean the difference between light and darkness. They will also be a great barter item as well.

While there are dedicated rechargeable batteries, the ease of just buying a package of alkaline batteries and tossing them when you are done is still the simplest option.

However, the problem is, batteries are really getting expensive, but imagine being able to use them several times before you retire them.

Regular alkaline batteries can be recharged, but they require an alkaline specific charger.   (MORE)

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2 Responses to Recharging Alkaline Batteries

  1. MICoyote says:

    Thanks for the information, I ordered the Maximal Power FC999,

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