How to Get a Free High Quality Inverter

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, you know just how much we take electricity for granted. Almost everything we do is somehow connected with electricity. Cooking, heating, cooling, lighting, entertainment and communications all require electricity.

If the power does go out, even enough electricity to light a bulb and power a laptop is preferred to sitting in the dark.

Enter the inverter. What an inverter does is take 12 Volts DC, the same voltage as your car battery, and converts it to 120 Volts AC which is what a standard wall outlet provides.

There are a lot of affordable inverters available, starting with small 100 Watt units that plug directly into your cigarette lighter plug. These will provide enough power to run some small appliances and charge most devices and would certainly be better than nothing. However, the less expensive units tend to put out a “modified sine wave” which will not run certain electronic devices, and will cause a humming in others. The inverters that produce a pure sine wave, which is a very clean output that will run virtually everything a wall outlet will, are quite expensive.

(A 100 Watt vehicle modified sine wave inverter)

Imagine being able to get a free “pure sine wave” inverter for the asking. I currently have several of them ranging from 350 to 1000 watts and I haven’t paid for a single one.


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