The Five Cent Copper Terminal

If you’ve priced heavy copper terminals, you know they aren’t cheap. Most run a dollar or two and it adds up. One way to make a great woking terminal is to scrounge some scraps of copper. (Plumbers usually have short scraps they can’t use.) I bought a 15 foot long roll of 5/16″ soft tubing at the scrap yard for $3.00  and using a tubing cutter, cut the tubing a little longer than an inch. I used a vice to crimp one end and then put the flat in the vice and drilled it. We cranked out a dozen terminals in a matter of minutes. If you solder the wire in, they are absolutely as good or better than new ones because some are copper plated and these are solid. Next time you see a scrap of copper tube, throw it in the parts bin. Instead of having too many expensive terminals, or not enough, make your own and save some money.

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3 Responses to The Five Cent Copper Terminal

  1. Simple, smart, clever, and frugal! Excellent idea Dennis!

  2. AZ Dave says:

    I recently rebuilt my battery cables on my truck using the exact same idea. It worked great and saved me $25 in fittings. At the time when my father showed me how to use pipe as a copper lug I thought he was crazy and brilliant at the same time but it worked. Great post keep it up.

  3. Don Bowen says:

    I use copper pipe lugs to make grounding straps for my amateur radio grounding. I have also used them to make battery cables for the minimal solar system I had on the trailer.

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