Recharge Your Alkaline Batteries – use em over and over

Single use AA and AAA Alkaline batteries are some of the most plentiful, expensive, wasteful items on the planet. We pay upwards of a buck each, use it only one time and toss it in the trash or recycle bin. Either way it’s a wasteful nightmare with countless BILLIONS of these batteries littering our landfills.

Imagine the savings to your wallet and reduced impact on the environment if you could recharge them and use them several times before sending them to the recycle bin?

A well kept secret is that Alkaline batteries CAN be safely recharged. Now some of you’ve heard that they will blow up and take grandma with them. If you use a NiCad or older style charger, you could have a problem. However, technology has finally found a way to SAFELY and efficiently recharge Alkaline batteries for almost nothing.  MORE


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