Home Made Solar Generator

Most utility companies do a tremendous job of providing electricity, but violent weather, black outs and disasters create outages. With stocked fridges and freezers, a power outage of any duration could be disastrous, not to mention no lights, microwave or other conveniences. Until recently, a generator was viable and still is for short term emergency power generation, but with sky high gas prices, it would be financially impossible for most of us to run one for an extended period of time, even if gas was available.

Enter the Battery Operated Backup, (BOB for short). With inverters (a device that changes 12 Volts DC to 120 Volts AC) becoming ridiculously affordable, a battery powered back up supply was more than feasible. We wanted to assemble a heavy duty unit capable of multi tasking. One that could be left idle for months on end, but ready to go when needed but with one more angle, it would have to be portable to enable us to use it where it was needed during an outage, or at the other side of the property to run power tools where there isn’t electricity.

To start with, we scrounged an old steel pickup truck tool box. After cleaning it up, we welded a small trailer receiver on it and added a set of flat freeMarathontires which easily handle the battery weight. With the welding finished, we painted it inside and out with “Rust Bullet”, a coating that we use a lot around the ranch.  more


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