Using discarded and scrap steel, the rowmaker is simple to build out of steel, but a scrap wood one could be built if you didn’t have a welder and made it beefy enough.

The beauty of this device is its simplicity. Constructed from an old piece of tubing, some angle iron, a discarder water pipe and two junk steel plates, it has worked flawlessly for ten years without a broken weld.


Attached to the ATV with an old ½ bolt, I must emphatically advise how dangerous and stupid it is to stand on the rowmaker, and never, ever do this at home, but it works great for us. In first gear at just a crawl, the unit makes perfectly straight rows and will do a huge garden in about an hour.


Getting ready to make the last row to the right, the rest of the garden is ready to plant. Total cost, around 3 cents for electricity to run the welder.


If you have materials that are even close, they will work. A wooden rowmaker with 2”x 8” blades would work as well.

Now when it comes time to prep the garden and make the rows, I don’t break into a sweat, I simply whip out the old trusty three center and get to work.

– END-


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