2 Responses to Welding

  1. Don Bowen says:

    I forgot to add, learn to solder. I know very good weldors who cannot get two pieces of wire to stay together. Learn to wire electrics and sweat plumbing. I am a decent welder if I could see, very good soldering (NASA training) but do a miserable job sweat soldering plumbing. That is why the airlines for my shop are plumbed with PEX.

    • capernius1 says:

      and the problem with PEX is….?
      I can solder(maybe not correctly, but the joints are always permanent); I can sweat copper pipe easily(again, it may not be pretty, but they never leak); the only thing I can not do(because I never learned) is to weld steel & other metals….

      I want to learn, just the opportunity was never there, or it was & I did not have the time due to family matters… 8 (

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