Three Essential Dirt Cheap SHTF Items


After reading an article about how WTSHTF, silence will be all too common, and in a sense while that is probably a realistic appraisal, I thought with all of the inexpensive electronics available today, why would anyone have to endure silence.

In my lifetime I have seen electronics go from vacuum tubes and  one transistor radios to devices that we could only dream of, yet they are now commonplace and inexpensive.

With that in mind, I set out to find music and communication platforms that are rechargeable, solar powered,  and provide reasonable sound and power, yet are within most peoples reach, easy to use and loaded with features to provide comfort and drive away the silence.

After trying several devices, I came up with three items that when used together are not only perfect for providing almost unlimited comfort music and communications within a large radius, but offer so many features it takes awhile to figure them all out.

If you want to see what I came up with, along with links, take a few minutes to watch the video HERE.

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Two DIY Temperature Controlled Seed Starting Boxes for about $15.00


Staring your own seedlings is the only way to go if you are going to have a large garden. The only problem is that some seedlings like higher temperatures while others don’t. Growing mats are downright expensive, and they still tend to fluctuate with the ambient temperature. After kicking the idea around, I came upon a solution that is not only affordable and was  easy to make, it also germinates the seeds in record time due to the precise temperature control of about +/- 2 degrees F.

The heart of the unit is an inexpensive yet incredibly versatile 12 Volt temperature controller, coupled with either a low Wattage bulb or rope light and a free Styrofoam housing that lets me germinate 36 dozen different seeds at a time, and with a very high germination rate. See the video HERE

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DIY SOLAR Powered Roto Tiller

DSCN1048Solar power is a fantastic resource, especially for preppers, and while it is catching on, it still isn’t where it should be. I have been adding raised bed planters to my garden, but couldn’t get a tiller in the boxes to add and distribute the amendments, so I came up with what I feel is the perfect  solution, a SOLAR powered roto-tiller.  It took me about 6 hours of puttering to do the complete changeover, and I used readily available components I had scrounged for free. Take a look at the results HERE

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Whether you have 100 acres in the country or a small corner lot in the city, WTSHTF, youFENCE crop will still need to know when someone is trespassing or taking your property. The Mini Sentry trip wire .22 blank alarm can be used on multiple items and large areas, pastures, fences, gates, vehicles, trailers and small items like saws, tools, cabinets and even several items with one Mini Sentry. When you are sound asleep and hear the crack of the high powered load, the bad guys will know that you know. No more element of surprise.

Check the video out HERE

Go to the website HERE

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Solving a Common Rocket Stove Problem

smRocket stoves are in my opinion, the absolute best prepper stove available today. They use multiple fuels, and if you use wood, they use about 5% (or less) of the wood it would take on an open fire. When properly stoked, they boil water rapidly, and can cook big meals. A single 2×4 could cook many meals, Because the concentrated flame hits the bottom of the pan they cook fast, (over 500 degrees F) yet the flame can be adjusted with the fuel size and quantity. They are beginning to get popular, and there a several stoves now available. The biggest problem I have heard of has been is addressed in this video.

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Simple, Inexpensive, Bright, Rechargeable WTSHTF LED Light

DSCN0779 When a snowstorm took out our power last week, I needed to come up with some simple but effective lights for a neighbor. After scrounging through my shop I ended up with a simple light that took just a few minutes to make, even without power, and ended up liking them so much I’ve since made several more just to have around. With the parts available on EBay for a little over $10.00 (or most of them easily scrounged) you can have a really nice light that will offer enough light to do chores and even read, and with a simple LED bulb change will act as a night light, providing sufficient light until dawn. Watch a short video to see how to make this lantern HERE

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Simple DIY, Dirt Cheap, Mini Welder for Field Repairs and WTSHTF

Snapshot 1 (12-31-2014 1-06 AM)Murphy’s Law is simple, if something’s going to break, it will do so at the most inopportune place and time.  If you live in the country, you probably have things like mowers, tractors,  and other equipment that requires an occasional weld. You might also need to do some light fabrication or field repair as well.  Imagine an inexpensive easy to build stick welder that works in all positions and welds light gage sheet metal and with multiple passes, thicker stock. A battery operated welder is easy to build from scrounged parts, and I used small computer backup batteries, but with car batteries, it would have enough power to do some serious projects. Take a minute and check out the video HERE 

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